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Frequently Asked Questions

Invalid Parameter for query

The query must be in the form of a JSON before it is encoded. For example:


As a string, the quotes need to be escaped. It may look something like this:


After url encoding, the query portion looks like this:


What validation have you performed?

Accuracy as determined by bankruptcy is only one measure and only somewhat useful. The Altman-Z score has shown to be reasonably accurate at predicting short term bankruptcy. This is because most companies are not highly distressed and those that are highly likely to become insolvent, tend to exhibit very noticeable indicators. 

In order to be very useful, a credit score needs to also demonstrate that well rated companies, in addition to having a high likely-hood of solvency, will stay in a strong financial position for a long time and withstand challenging economic conditions.

By both standards, our scores have been shown to perform very well. The solvency accuracy is better than Altman-Z in multiple tests, especially in the last 10 years. In addition, a company's QuanteFi score has been shown to be proportional to the company's financial stability measured in general and during times of economic stress.

How often are scores updated?

Credit scores are updated at least once a month, sometimes more.
When the market is changing, and the available information changes more often, scores will be updated more often.

How are the scores calculated?

First we use multiple sources of data to create model based estimates developed over decades by eminent economists and financial practioners. In addition to historical corporate default databases, we have also include business news databases to find other measures of a company's outlook. Finally, human credit analysts with decades of experience review the final results in aggregate and individually to look for discrepancies that algorithms often overlook.

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